picLg_generalQ:Does Dr. White take my health insurance?

A:We do file with all health insurance companies. Dr. White will consult with you and perform a series of tests in the office so we may obtain an authorization from your insurance company if you qualify.

Q:Do you provide financing?

A:Elite Oculoplastic Surgery works with CareCredit. Approval is easy and fast.

Q:Aren’t all cosmetic surgeons more or less the same?

A:Dr. Michelle White is an OculoPlastic Surgeon, meaning that she has specialized training in the area of the eyes. She will perform more eyelid surgeries in one day than the average general plastic surgeon does in one month. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2007 statistics, there were just over 240,000 blepharoplasty operations performed in the U.S by around 23,000 general plastic surgeons. Therefore, the average general cosmetic surgeon performed less than one such surgery a month, a far cry from the number typically performed by a specialist whose practice is devoted to the eyelids. Furthermore, by only performing eyelid and eyebrow surgery rather than surgeries for the entire body, Dr. White’s expertise is unsurpassed.

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