picLg_generalQ:Is there a perfect age for eyelid surgery?

A:Since eyelid skin is thinner than that on the rest of the face, the eyes are usually the first facial component to demonstrate a noticeable age-related loss of attractiveness. A person who is physically and psychologically healthy is ready to consider blepharoplasty whenever the effects of Mother Nature or Father Time bother him or her enough that an improvement is desired. This can be done as early as the 20’s or 30’s in some patients.

Q:How long do the cosmetic benefits of eyelid surgery last?

A:The benefits of an eyelid lift last forever, but while we can turn back the clock, we can’t stop it. Compared to procedures designed primarily to fight the effects of gravity(face lift, brow lift, ect.), blepharoplasty lasts a very long time. In the majority of patients, cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed only once.

Q:If I get an eyelid lift in my 30’s or 40’s, can I get it done again in my 50’s or 60’s?

A:Absolutely. There is no additional risk of repeating an eyelid lift, and by addressing it at a younger age, the surgery can be more subtle, so people just think you look rested like you have been on vacation.

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