Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift Surgery) : Denver, CO

picLg_eyelidAn eyelid lift, called blepharoplasty, can dramatically improve a tired
or upset appearance by removing the excess skin and tissue that cause
droopy, baggy upper and lower eyelids. It is one of the most popular
aesthetic procedures performed in the United States.

Sometimes, the upper eyelids become so saggy that they impair vision. If the vision is significantly impaired, then insurance will often cover the cost of removing the excess skin in order to improve vision. A simple way to get and idea if one is a candidate for an insurance-covered blepharoplasty is to lift the eyelids with the fingers, and see if the amount of vision improves. At Elite, we have specific tests to determine who is a candidate.

As an oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Michelle White specializes in repairing and improving the appearance of the eyelids. The procedure can be performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids to make a patient look and feel refreshed, but not over-done. Dr. White performs blepharoplasty with a state-of-the-art CO2 laser, thus minimizing any bruising and swelling.

With the development of the CO2 laser, blepharoplasty surgery is quicker and more gentle than ever before. The state of the art CO2 laser provides the physician extremely precise control and generally causes less bleeding and bruising than with conventional means. For most patients, the recovery time is brief and bruising is minimal. Although sometimes preferred, laser surgery is not always appropriate. Dr. White evaluates each case to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment method.