picLg_eyelidOften patients come to Elite seeking eyelid surgery only to discover
that a brow lift is more appropriate. It is easy to confuse the conditions
because a sagging eyebrow can cause droopy eyelids. Sometimes a brow lift is combined with blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to fully correct the symptoms. Treatment must be directed to address the problems that exist in a given patient, and surgery is tailored accordingly. In the past, eyebrow and forehead lifting was frequently performed through many incision sites: three of those sites directly over the eyebrows, in a crease or wrinkle in the forehead, and directly in front of the hairline provide effective results but often leaving visible scars. Another approach sometimes still used by other surgeons is across the top of the scalp, about an inch behind the hairline. Again, this method lifts the eyebrow, but drawbacks include loss of up to one quarter of an inch of hairline and slight loss of sensation of the skin of the forehead or scalp.

We at Elite have used all these incisions and find them useful in some situations. Over the past several years we have moved to a totally different brow and forehead lift, the “endo-brow” lift. The endo-brow lift provides several advantages over traditional methods. First, there are no visible scars because there are only a few small vertical and horizontal incisions placed in the scalp, well away from the brow and easily hidden behind the hairline. Second, no hair is removed. The vertical incisions do not interfere with nerve function, therefore any change in sensation is transitory and usually disappears with time. Since large incisions are avoided, the procedure is less for patients to go through and the recovery is quicker and with less bruising than with traditional brow lifting procedures.